Death by Comb is Camari Carter’s debut collection of eloquently vulnerable poetry and prose that recount tales of humanity at its most fragile, broken, and glorious. Death by Comb commands the heart to open and the soul to evoke emotion.  Death by Comb is centered around the trials and triumphs of black women, black hair and the fight to normalize its beauty, love, and health.

“Death by Comb, the debut collection of poetry by Camari Carter is a tour de force of wit, brevity, and lyrical grace. At once arresting and beautifully tender, Carter’s poems run the gamut of human experience, never shying away from the darker fringes of the beating heart. Tragic, angry, and bristling with beauty, Death by Comb is ultimately a work of redemption that speaks to the light, wavering in us all.” – Dennis Cruz, Author of Moth Wing Tea




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