The Weather Report


The Weather Report was forecasted over 10 years ago. These Haiku and Myku poems report on the many climate changes of the author. You will get an inside look at the authors storms, blizzards, heatwaves and sunny days. This book is written by Charles Clayton, and narrated by AKoldPiece OfWork.  One man – two totally different personalities. Charles Clayton put the words on paper, and AKoldPiece brings those words to life in HIGH DEFINITION 3D. They are quick so you have to pay attention.  The Weather Report will make you cry, laugh and think with three line poems called Haiku. You will get you standard haiku 5-7-5 about nature, and you will get different variations of haiku that the author calls “Myku”. 3-5-3, 4-6-4, 1-3-1 and Haiku/Myku stories on multiple topics.



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